“Having multiple partners could be both good and bad”

There is nothing morally wrong with having one night stands in my opinion but others would disagree. If you’re single, using protection and enjoy them, why not? Maybe you are meeting people in clubs and taking them home or maybe you’ve joined ONS dating sites which there are currently many of in existence! However, what you think is harmless and you might be enjoying, might actually be causing you serious psychological problems both in the short and long term. It all comes down to deciding why you are having multiple sex partners and only then can you decide if it is or will go on to affect your mental health. Although, in order to have multiple sex partners you need to hook up with multiple partners first. Now, there are sites like Justhookup.com that can help you in this regard. To know if just hookup is any good, you can read the website review and decide whether justhookup.com is a legit site or not. Once decided, you can start dwelling on your decision that whether it’s good to have multiple sex partners in the long run or not.

The reasons behind the multiple one night stands


“Both men and women have their distinct reasons”

I believe that men and women both have very different reasons for having one night stands. For men it’s often because they can and because they enjoy it. They often think with their anatomy as opposed to their brain, they can suffer from psychological side effects from one night stands too however. With women the reasons that they crawl into bed with somebody they don’t know can often lie much deeper. Women think that sleeping with a person will give them the emotional connection that they so desperately crave. A fleeting encounter obviously cannot do this, only a committed relationship can but they keep doing it anyway, perhaps hoping that one day one of their conquests will fall in love with them. This is unlikely to happen and they often end up feeling very upset about what they have done. This vicious cycle can happen to men too, it really does depend on the vulnerability and mental health of the person in question.

The feeling of being used can become like home


“A regular habit becomes depressing”

Many people have one night stands because their views of sex are very messed up. This could be due to something traumatic in their past or a poor view of the opposite sex due to having bad previous relationships. They feel worthless and have one night stands because they think that is all they are good for. They love the feeling of being wanted and used; afterwards they feel guilty but can’t keep away from the strange addiction. For the people who this fits, it can lead to eating disorders, self harm, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. They continue having one night stands but this just makes their problems worse in the long term. These people struggle to form relationships with people both in terms of love interests and friendship.

The link to drugs and alcohol abuse


“Drugs and Drinks – Always a bad call”

Those who regularly drink alcohol and take drugs are more likely to have one night stands than those who don’t. Some people have sex in exchange for these things but that is a whole different topic in itself. When we are under the influence of these substances, it often affects our brain and judgment of situations. This can turn into a vicious cycle, when people have one night stands when they are drunk – in the morning this causes them to feel regret, but they don’t rectify the problem and just go around in circles. This poses another danger in itself because when you are under the influence you might judge a person wrongly which could put you in a great deal of danger of being attacked in some way. If you are intoxicated you are likely to crave that ‘high’ that sex brings, sex can be an addiction and those with addictive personalities are more likely to fall into the trap of numerous one night stands. Those who have one night stands in addition to drug and alcohol abuse are likely to get depression or anxiety later in life, if they don’t already have it.

Those who have a questionable past are more likely to cheat

People who have a tempestuous past in terms of one night stands when they are single are more likely to cheat when they eventually establish a long term relationship with somebody. All might be happy at first but after a while, the old demon will appear in their head urging them to have that quick encounter that brings them a sense of euphoria. This could be when they argue with their partner or just because they crave some excitement. People who have enjoyed one night stands from a young age find it very hard to stop even when they find stability and love. After a few months of years of domestic bliss, it is likely that their urges will take over and they will not be able to resist joining ONS dating sites or meeting somebody for a sexual encounter. Acting this way will eventually damage all loving relationships that they form and it is likely that they will end up alone and with an empty hole in their chest.

The method in which the one night stands occur is important


“The medium for search holds the importance”

If you join ONS dating sites you are obviously looking for a person to have a one night stand with for one reason or another. On a night out, you might have chemistry with a person and things can just happen. So which one is more likely to cause psychological problems further down the line? Joining a dating site especially designed for one night stands is more likely to cause problems to your mental health. This is because you are actively searching for sex with a stranger, the reason for this might not be psychologically damaging but more often than not it is. Think twice before you sign up for these types of websites and seek out a sexual partner.

One night stands can be fine if you know your mind

Before you decide to have a one night stand with somebody, think about the reason for which you are doing it. If you are in very happy spirits and are doing it because it’s fun and you have no attachment for the person then that’s fine. Think about if you have had or currently have any mental health issues because a one night stand could bring these to the surface again. If you know that you want random sex for all the wrong reasons then avoid it at all costs. Remember that sex is not love and sex will not make a person fall in love with you. A fulfilling relationship can offer much more than a one night stand can and you will likely avoid the psychological problems that can go with hand in hand with brief encounters.

Many people go by the saying, “sex is just sex” but it can be much more than that. Stop and think before embarking on meaningless sex with a person because some people can handle it and some can’t. How will you feel afterwards? Happy or ashamed and used? It might not even be obvious at first that the encounter has affected your mental state but it could present itself months or even years later down the line. Sometimes frequent one night stands can lead to anxiety, substance and alcohol abuse and even depression in later life. Sex with a person that you love and who loves and respects you can give you a much better feeling that having encounters with people who you will never see again.

Teleportation has always been a fascinating subject for both the scientific community as well as fiction writers. Numerous movies have used this nonexistent technology to transfer objects from one point to another in thin air and moviegoers have laughed and loved them. It now seems that what was fiction yesterday is turning into a reality today. 3D printing short for three dimensional printing seems to fulfill the promise of teleportation albeit in a different way. The 3D technology enthusiasts emphasize that the specially designed 3D printers will be able to print pretty much anything in the near future. This is such an exciting technology and it has such wide uses that it is difficult to imagine the possibilities.

Imagine you want to have a souvenir you saw online, but the problem is that the shop selling it is in another continent and it will take more than a few days for the product to reach you. With the help of 3D printing, the shop can just send you the designs and you can easily print it out at your home in your own portable 3D printer. There have been many exciting projects undertaken by early adopters including a complete clock, figurines, a Nokia handset cover and one of the enthusiasts has even succeeded in printing food. An artist in Netherlands has announced a project to print a complete build from a 3D printer by 2014.

It is also a reality that any technology brings with itself a new set of problems. Internet has made a huge impact on people’s lives but has also given birth to cyber criminals. Similarly 3D printing has also its own sets of problems.

3D Printing Technology

3D Printing Technology

In 2012, a collective group of hackers called Defence Distributed began a project to 3D print a gun at home. They rented a 3D printer to print out the gun but it was taken aback by the company when it came to know that the printer will be used to print gun. Now, the actual gun has not been printed and the technology has not become sophisticated enough to actually print a gun but is reaching there very fast. Right now, the available 3D printers take a few hours to print out even a small object but continuous developments always bring efficiencies and the printing time is expected to reduce significantly.

Recently the Defense Distributed group posted a video about their 3D printed AR-15 30 round magazine. This group has also declared plans to publish 3D printing plans for more guns. These events have given birth to a discussion on the use of this technology. It seems possible that in the near future, criminals will have the ability to print guns at home; then there will be no gun control.

As is the case with any disruptive technology, 3D printing has both advantages and disadvantages. If it is allowed to prosper, it has the potential to change the fate of many industries and will change the world upside down but the events like gun printing also point to the dark uses

Disruptive technology

Disruptive technology

of this technology. The best analogy one can think of is the power of atom, which when controlled brings us cheap electricity in form of Nuclear Power Plants but it also reminds us of the horrors of the destruction caused by atomic bombs. Only time will tell, what this technology has in store for us.

Chicago has always been one of the most fascinating cities in the United States. Second to New York, Chicago is the second busiest city. Apart from being a financial district, there are a lot of things that the city has to offer and because of quite mysterious “personality”, the city has enamored locals and tourists alike. Maybe the reason it got its name Windy city, is because people who live or who visit the city have always been blown away by what it has to offer. If you happen to be in Chicago, here are some of the things that you can do that can make your date be swept away:

A Gastronomic experience

What a better way to a man/ woman’s heart is to fill his/her stomach with such a delightful gastronomic experience. Indulge in the city’s sauciest, cheesiest deep-dish kind of pizza available at Giordano’s. If you want to go original, you can go to Pizzeria Uno. There are other restaurants with diverse kind of food that you can also choose from. But of course you wouldn’t want to miss out on what Chicago has been famous for. No formalities, no stiff conversations just good old pizza and the love of your life beside you. Certainly, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

A Windy Kind of Love: The Kind of Dates You Want To Do In Chicago

A Windy Kind of Love: The Kind of Dates You Want To Do In Chicago

Get cultured

Apart from the many museums and exhibits Chicago has to offer, the city has been known for its amazing architectural structure in its entirety. Chicago has actually set the standard for American architecture. From the most famous sears tower down to buildings, monuments and churches. Going through art exhibits and stroll around the city to marvel at the architectural structures, this is certainly a refreshing way to spark that deep connection between you and your partner. Not to mention the amazing view of the Chicago skyline at the 103rd floor of the Sears tower/Willis tower where you can get cozy and lovey-dovey.

Chicago skyline guide

Chicago skyline guide

Go Outdoor

If you are looking into some old fashion, fairy tale like kind of date, this is the one for you. Chicago has a Cinderella kind horse and carriage service that can take you in some areas of the metro and enjoy the beauty of the city. . You may also want to bike around the park. This would be a great activity especially for those on their first date. After which, you may also stroll around the park. You can choose from the 552 parks available in the city and eat at hotdog stands (Chicago is also famous for its hotdogs).

These options this may be kind of different from the typical movie dinner date. But they are definitely worth a try especially when you are in Chicago. After all it’s not how much spent on your date that matters; it’s how well you spent your time together. More often than not, great things come in the simplest, smallest packages. 

Families with both parents working outside the home are the norm these days. So it’s not uncommon for children to go home and watch TV or play video games or get on the computer until mom and dad get home. So how can parents find ways to keep the family fit on a limited time frame? Try one of these 3 family activities that keep everyone fit.

1. Visit State Parks

There are several great things about this family activity. First, everyone gets to spend time in the sunshine and fresh air. Second, your family gets to eat good foods that you bring with you to picnic on. Next, your family gets to witness animals in their natural habitats. But the best part of this activity is that the family gets fit by taking advantage of the hike and bike trails. This is fun, for sure, if you have a way to bring the bikes along. In some parks, the hike and bike trails are not flat, but have some small hills and dips, which add to the exercise. While picnicking, pull out some balls to kick around, or a baseball and bat. A good family ball game is a great impromptu pastime with fitness built in.

Exercise is a great way to build family ties and boost the health of you and your children

Exercise is a great way to build family ties and boost the health of you and your children

2. Build a Tree House

Building tree houses involves carrying the lumber to the tree – yes, it might only be one board at a time, but it’s still a family fitness activity. It also involves using a pulley system to get the boards up into the tree as well as the upper body exercise of swinging a hammer. Then, once the tree house is completed, the kids get their exercise climbing up and down from the tree house. Mom and dad get a little fitness in taking food out and using a pulley system to get the food up to the kids.

3. Go Swimming

Swimming is a great way to get outdoors and cool off on a hot summer day. Take a beach ball to toss around the pool. Have swim races to see who can swim a lap the fastest. See who can swim underwater the farthest distance. Try a diving competition to see who the best diver is or who can come up with the most creative dive or make the biggest splash when doing a cannon ball. Swimming uses up a lot of energy, so be sure to take 5 minute breaks every hour. And if the swim session includes a pool side picnic, allow your stomachs to rest for at least 30 minutes before going back into the pool.

 Healthy family fitness activities Gallery

Healthy family fitness activities Gallery

State parks have a minimal admission charge for day visits and if you take your own picnic foods from home the cost is reasonable for this family fit activity. Swimming can be inexpensive if you already have a swimming pool in your back yard or if you make use of a neighborhood or community pool. Building a tree house will cost a bit for the materials, but once it’s built, the hours of play are free – and fabulously fun.

Many Asia’s top performing companies have been going through tough economic times in the recent times due to surging oil prices. This is because most Asian countries depend on oil as their main revenue generating product. Moreover, earthquakes that faced Japan in 2012 might have worsened some Japanese companies but most of them have tried to withstand their woes. However, high profits over time, liquidity aid from most central banks, and strong economic growth prevailing have made it possible for these companies to record extremely high values and attracting more investors. The best Asian public companies that are good investments are discussed below

1. PetroChina (PTR)

Due to rising oil prices globally, PetroChina has remained the most profitable for the last three years where its market values have increased for three times during the year 2012. The market capitalization base is estimated to be $330 billion, which is the biggest ever with most of the Asian companies. It was established in 1999, and China National Petroleum Company owns the largest stake in the company amounting to 86%. It is the most profitable company in the oil industry because of high turnover where sales amounts to $225 billion a year on average.

The stocks of this company are traded in the New York, Shangai, and New York stock exchange markets. In addition to oil sales, the company has also ventured into oil exploration activities, fuel retailing, and oil refining. PetroChina has also established more than 18,000 fuel stations in countries they operate thus giving them large market to serve.



2. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

This is the second best performing company in Asia and its one of the largest State-owned banks with capital base of $260 billion. During the year 2012, the bank reported approximately $26 billion making it the most lucrative among other banks in Asia and China specific. However, there are worries over the stringent monetary policies that has been imposed in China which as a result, it hinders their credit performance. It is worth noting that the ICBC is the best and profitable lender and the largest in the financial market cap. Their customers are approximately 220 million mainly individual and few of them are corporate customers. Their services are spread with over 17,000 outlets in China. This has made the company more accessible to many customers who require credit finances that may not be available from other banks in China.

 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

3. China Construction Bank

This is the third best performing public company in Asia and is located in China with a market capital base of $240 billion. It is also the second best bank which posed over 27 percent increase revenue base in the year 2011. This was contributed by the fact that China is experiencing massive construction projects and as such, the bank ventured into provision of credit to these projects. However, the bank continued to record higher market value for more than 15% in 2012 despite the financial crisis which the country faced. It is estimated that the bank will continue to prosper in recording higher profits though the People’s Bank of China may continue to hike their lending interest rates. Financial analysts argue that increase of interest rates will not affect their profitability because they have already established a sound financial base.

Outsourcing as a strategic approach for small business enterprises

Outsourcing is one of the most business strategies applied by most enterprises for various reasons. Outsourcing can be in the form of skill, services or knowledge whereby the organization`s resources are not capable of sustaining in the long term. Luckily there are various outsourcing platforms that offer a variety of services and skills with differing prices.

People outsource when they lack a skill in a certain project, if they don’t have the capital to employ a full time specialist or if they believe they don’t have the knowledge that is required to accomplish a task. Of recent times, outsourcing has become one of the ways that companies use when they are cost cutting as these specialists are only paid once in a while unlike permanent employees. It is also advisable to outsource if the needed service is a onetime event. There are a few platforms that favor small business people while others favor the large businesses.

Suggested fixed payments

The best platforms for the a small business enterprises are the ones that allow the client to suggest a specific amount that he or she is ready to give to the client. This is because this allows flexibility and gives room for negotiations as they don’t have much capital yet. With the variety of applications, one is able to identify that which fits the need. It is however good for the starters to be willing to offer higher wages as quality is assured. A strong business foundation is said to do much better in the future that applying cheaper offers that do shoddy work.

Outsourcing to Professionals: Bite The Bullet

Outsourcing to Professionals: Bite The Bullet

Variety of tasks to choose from

Another good platform is where there are freelancers or people who are new and energetic to do a variety of tasks. This is because they offer a variety of specialties and one is able to choose that which is most needed unlike where you find all rounded specialists that charge quite an amount. It is good to also look at their charges and choose a price not so high or not as low as this is not likely to disappoint. Having a look at the various outsourcing platforms with is the only way that one may be able to choose getting the best deal. Differentiation caters for the needs of almost all customers with differing financial abilities.

Flexible payments

A platform that allows other modes of payment is good for small business people as it allows flexibility. A situation where the service provider is allowed to work in exchange of a certain commodity instead of cash is a suitable idea. These can be a good idea if the platform has a big number of clients as it ensures security in the long run. Since the businesses are starting up, security should be a major concern to assure stability in the long run. Sites like LinkedIn and other sites that promote these platforms do not charge any fee should be contacted for starters.

LinkedIn's discussion forums is one of the quickest ways to jump start your LinkedIn strategy and strengthen your business's

LinkedIn’s discussion forums is one of the quickest ways to jump start your LinkedIn strategy and strengthen your business’s

Outsourcing cannot be avoided considering that its every organization`s wish to spend less and only where necessary. Before making the decision to outsource therefore one should have a budget and the service required to avoid making a wrong selection.